That’s me, Jonathan Pritchard.

I’m standing in front of a live studio audience to film a national television appearance that will be seen by millions of people. The most amazing part?

I actually had fun!

Now, I know what you might be thinking, “Sure, it’s easy for him, he’s naturally outgoing. I could never do that.”


I grew up incredibly shy, and I dreaded talking to anyone.

Quickly, however, I figured out that speaking up is the best way to get what you want, and I started working on my speaking skills right then and there. I joined the debate team in high school and (when I was old enough) started going to open mic nights at awful comedy clubs to get practice under my belt.

Now, I’ve entertained the troops stationed overseas, appeared on Vegas main stages, regularly featured on news programs, MC investor conferences, and more.

This isn’t magic. There’s a science to becoming a more effective speaker.

Why Should You Care?

The quality of your communication, with yourself & others, dictates the quality of your entire life. That’s why.

I want you to be able to improve your ability to speak, be heard, and hear what others are saying. This is a rare and valuable skill most people do not possess (though they might think they do!).

If you own a company, I want your team to be as effective as possible. Their speaking & presenting skills define the upper limit of the quality investors you attract, what kind of clients you land, and influences every level of your business.

The Project

SensationalSpeaker.com is a property of Like A Mind Reader, created by me, Jonathan Pritchard: author, trainer, and coach.

Previous clients include BP, State Farm, Coldwell Banker, the U.S. Military, and many more.

Jonathan appearing on Chicago TV.